Sharing a prototype file

Hey all.

Has anybody found a way to share prototype links cleanly? All of our source files lives on drive, but drive doesn’t let you open html files in drive (it only displays the source code when you double click it), so the stakeholder would have to download a file. This doesn’t really work since everything we do is via slack and makes it messy to share links to prototypes.

Has anybody found a good solution for this?

AxShare works very well if you’re open to using that. Alternatively if you prefer to host things yourself, that could work well and would let you set your own access controls.

Hey and thanks for the reply @nkrisc. I am completely open to axshare the issue is storing that link somewhere.

My current workflow is:
Create the wireframe for each page/state
Copy and paste that image into Illustrator
Annotate all the images
Save as a PDF
Share the PDF link from drive.

The issue here is that I have to copy all the images into illustrator which can take a long time. What I want to do is create the wireflows directly in Axure and then publish to Axshare. The issue is that there’s no way I can find to save the axshare link to drive where all of our documentation lives. The only solution I’ve found is to create a google doc that has text links to all the Axshare files in it, but that means the stakeholder has to open that file, find the correct link and then open it.

Another issue is slack integration, or the lack thereof. Whenever you post an Axshare link in slack it doesn’t create any sort of preview.

Google Drive, Nextcloud, Onedrive
Maybe you can try them.

This isn’t my workflow as we pin wires as tabs in MS Teams channels (as each channel is project related), but if you want to store the URL into a folder, the simplest thing might be to create a bookmark file in there. If you’re on a Mac, simply drag the URL from your browser into the relevant folder. Anyone can the double click on the file to go straight to the prototype URL. This would make it easily shareable too.
(i’ve only tested this on Mac and Chrome and then opened it in Firefox but it seemed to work).

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