Sharing the grid system and guides used with dev

When designing my prototype, I am using global guides to create a 12 column grid to align elements. After the prototype is completed, I will be sharing my prototype with our developer. Is there any way for me to share and show my grid layout that I created using global guides with him? I didn’t see an option in the Axure 9 inspect feature, but maybe I missed it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I would think a simple page note could suffice for devs, describing the properties of your grid (“There is a 12 column layout grid, each column is 120 px wide.”) In my experience, devs just need to see this once in a style guide or screen layout example.

Or, for a visual solution you could create a kind of “grid overlay” by placing line widgets at the guide locations, then grouping them or creating a dynamic panel. Give the devs some affordance for showing/hiding this “grid group” via a button or keyboard key. If needed for multiple pages, turn it into a Master and include the button and/or Page Key Up event in the master.

Great idea about the visual solution. I have used that for other spec information in the past before the inspect functionality was available. Don’t know why that didn’t cross my mind for the grids.:slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

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