Should a move event trigger Lost Focus?

I am creating a text area like material design where the title of the field is in the blank space, then when you input your cursor the title moves up.

I have this working off of “Got Focus” and “Lost Focus” triggers on the field. On Got Focus the title is moved. When the title is moved it causes the text widget to loose focus. This seems like a bug,

I’ve done similar things in the past but moving another widget does not cause a text field to lose focus. To test this out in RP9, I designed a Material-like input field and it works properly–the Got Focus event of the text field moves the “Title” widget (and sets it to selected so its color changes) and the field maintains focus. When the field loses focus it shows a Placeholder widget (as proof that its Lost Focus event is triggered.)

Material Text Input.rp (46.2 KB)

Thanks, it turns out this is a bug that occurs when objects are grouped.

Here is the reply from support.

It looks like this behavior is due to a known bug we have on file where these interactions can cause a text area to lose focus when it is placed in a group. I’ve gone ahead and added a note to our filed report regarding your experience with this behavior. In the meantime, a workaround for this issue would be to ungroup the widgets. If you need to keep the widgets together, it looks like you could use a dynamic panel to contain the widgets in a state instead.


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