Show the MouseOver state of the widget A when the mouse enter on the widget B

Hi dear community,

I’m not sure if it’s possible.

I have 2 widgets, A and B. Both have the MouseOver style defined an it works well for each.

Here what I’m trying to do : When the mouse enter on the Widget B, I want to see the MouseOver style of Widget B and A.

thanks for your Help


What you can do is set the ‘Selected’ state of button A to be identical to the mouse over state.

Then, on button B, add the following behaviours:

OnMouseEnter set selected of Button A to True

OnMouseOut set selected of Button A to False

[EDIT] If you want the hover of button A to also show the hover of button B too, you can do it by grouping both buttons in a dynamic panel and checking Mouse Interaction Styles.

Thank you for your answer, it works fine :thumbup:

This works as long as you don’t need a selected state of said button. This is a fair workaround, but I’ve run across this enough times that I think it’s worth an enhancement. The common issue: button with icon. Hovering over the button area produces the mouseover state, but once over the icon part, the mouseover state disappears. I little clunky.

Granted it’s small stuff, and there is a workaround. But again, it’d make my life easier.


I second this request, and am having to hack around the same issue.

In my case it’s a repeater list item that has both hover and selected states. Each list item has multiple icons which cause what should be a fluid mouseover highlight to break when I move the mouse over any of the icons.

The work around I had to use was make sure the repeater cell was transparent, and have a dummy rectangle behind it that could be set to selected = true/false. On mouse enter for all of the widgets in my repeater, including the repeater, I set the dummy rectangle to selected = true which achieves the highlight effect. For mouse out, I set the dummy back to false to remove the highlight.

Hi dberlinguette, aesthetux -

If you have a button with an icon, and one or both widgets has a mouseover style, put them in a dynamic panel and turn on the panel’s property “Trigger mouse interaction styles.” (I used Axure for years before I found this property.) No “set selected” workaround is needed.

This example shows a dynamic panel with “trigger mouse interaction styles” turned on. It contains a button and an icon. The button has a mouseover interaction style that turns it purplish. (There is no script anywhere.)

Notice that the button stays purple when mousing over the icon. This is because the mouseover state of the panel now controls the mouseover styles of all of its widgets. That’s what the “trigger mouse interaction styles” property does.

The same is true for the mousedown interaction style, as you can see by clicking on either the button or the icon. In either case, you are hovering over or clicking on the dynamic panel, which is now in control.

This solution should help you, too, aesthetux.

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Thanks josephxbrick,

Will give that a try soon. I did play around a little with the trigger mouseover styles, but it will take some more practice. I found that it was inadvertently triggering more than I wanted it to when I moused over the dynamic panel. But that might just mean playing around with the interactive styles within the context of the panel.

Has anyone found an answer for this?