Simple modulo check

I need a simple text input with up/down buttons next to it that increase/decrease with 25. If the value manually entered in the input in not dividable by 25, the input needs to go to error state.

I am really experiencing that I’m not at home in the Axure syntax anymore, because I’ve been trying for 3 hours now, and still not working. Can’t find good descriptions of the difference between “text value” and “text on widget”, and things like This, Target, This.value, This.text, etc.

Anyone can help me out? Must be a real simple typo or something. File attached.
Modulo check.rp (46.3 KB)

Nevermind, found it. The correct test was [[This.text%25]] against “text value”
(and of course comparing that to 0, not to 25 as I did in the above file)

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