Simulating endless scrolling

How do I simulate endless scrolling in Axure? Is it possible to do that with this software?

you place content into dynamic layers, and show them at a scroll position. of course you can also fake it (use 2 layers and toggle poitions down), bend it (e.g. use a inline frame) or hack it (include javascript/ajax content).

Depends on how realistic you want it to be. I’ve not tried (not got my laptop with me, just a bottle of scotch), but my first thought would be to fake if not an infinite scroll, then at least a very long one by pinning a hidden dynamic panel to the bottom of the browser which has a number of states, then using the “onScroll” event to show each state once you pass a certain point. Eg. after 1500px trigger state1, then after 3000px state2, etc.

No doubt others can suggest a more elegant method. Maybe you can have one panel and then progressively push it down the page before showing it. You’d need to populate a local variable to use as the y position from the onScroll output (think there’s a hook for that).

But yes, I’m sure it’s possible in some way.

Anyone demo’d this yet and care to share the .rp file?

I get this request alot in user testing where people desire infinite scrolling.

Anyone else getting this feedback?

Here’s something I threw together. It uses a sticky dynamic panel to determine when you reach the bottom of the content. When that panel overlaps with the “content bottom” panel, it increases the items-per-page displayed by the repeater, then moves the “content bottom” panel down to 40 pixels past the bottom of the newly-expanded repeater. Lather, rinse, repeat.

infinite scroll.rp (60.8 KB)


Hello @CollinB ! great sample tho when I tried to modify it, it seems to stop when it gets v=60, i=60, d=60, and Although i’m modifying values on variables, can’t get. over it… any help?? THanks a bunch in advance