Sketch import axure error report

This problem occurs when using the sketch import axure plugin. Is there a workaround? Sketch is version 58. However, some can be copied into the plugin, and some can’t be copied and pasted. What is the problem?

Hi moqiaodao!

To begin troubleshooting this issue, please ensure that your Axure RP 8 application and your Axure Sketch plugin are up to date. You can check Axure RP 8 for updates by going to Help > Check for Updates, and you can check for plugin updates by opening Sketch and going to Plugins > Manage Plugins. If any updates are available for the Axure RP 8 application or the Sketch plugin, please update to the latest versions and then try importing your Sketch artboards into Axure RP 8 again.

If the error continues after the updates have been applied, please email us at and attach your Sketch file for further review.

Thank you!