Sketch plugin doesn't work in Axure 10

I want to import Sketch files to Axure. I got Sketch plugin and it was working at the beginning. Although I had problems with bigger Artboards. Suddenly, it was broken. At the moment, I cannot even paste a simple circle from Sketch… I need urgent help. I’m stuck in the middle of a project!
When I pick the asset and copied for Axure from Plugin menu, I see ‘Selection is copied to clipboard’, but when I paste it nothing appears in Axure. I tried with different assets. Some asset groups look to be pasted ’ as they are listed in the Outline as groups with the names as in the sketch file, but the groups does’nt contain any asset.

Hi @esra,

Our Engineering team is working on a fix for this issue with priority, which was discovered with the latest Sketch build (83.2). In the meantime, you can revert back to Sketch v82.1 until the fix has been tested and released, it can be downloaded by visiting

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Ok. Thanks for the info.

Hi @esra - we recently published a new version (1.0.12) of the Axure plugin for Sketch which fixes the issue preventing pasting into Axure RP from Sketch version 83.2.

Hi @Frankie_Axure
Thanks for the prompt fix, but the one here looks to be still 1.0.11.

It’s updated now. Thanks.

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