Skip the Repeater. Learn how to use Google Spreadsheets as a database instead

Hi everyone,

I’ll be demonstrating a couple of javascript-driven Libraries I built for Axure during a webinar this Wednesday.

A database solution for Axure:

  • Load content into your prototypes using data stored in Google Spreadsheets
  • Search and display data as tables or as individual components
  • Paginate output
  • Filter results
  • Use as a CMS for populating page templates

A collection of widgets to auto-generate the following:

  • Placeholder imagery from (searchable by keyword)
  • Userpics, names, email addresses, professions
  • Lorem ipsum text blocks
  • News headlines from RSS feeds
  • Numbers, prices, phone numbers, ISBNs, etc

Webinar details:
Wednesday, October 19th from 1-2pm EDT via GoToWebinar
Register Here

All registrants will receive a link to beta versions of the libraries.

In the meantime, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about either of these tools!

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I missed the webinar, but I’m very interested in learning more about this. I’m trying to make a data-intensive prototype and my life would be a lot easier if I could pass information back and forth between axure and google sheets.


Hey Knappdaddy-- videos from the webinar are online now. We’ll be launching Connector later this month, but send me a DM with your email address and I’ll fwd you a beta version of the library (along with a sample .rp file) by the end of the week.


You may also be interested in watching the portion about Generator to auto-create placeholder content:

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Hi Emond,

I have watched your demo video on YouTube. It seems very exciting, can you send me a beta version for try? I am working on a project which just in need of this function. My email address is kyooryoo AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you.


Are these libraries fully released at this point? Would love to kick the tires on it.

Just sent you a PM with the link to the beta versions for Connector and Generator. There’s currently an issue with both libraries working in IE which I still need to look into, but I hope to have this fixed shortly!

Hi Emond!
Many many thanks for the great work you have done.
I have a need in my current project for which this connector will be fabulous. Can you share the generator and connector links so that I can give it a shot?

Hi, yes both tools are out now! You can find the library and tutorial files in the links below:



Let me know if you have any questions!

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Is it possible to edit a row in Google sheet or add new row with connector?

Looks like a dead link. Does anyone have these files they can share? Thanks in advance.


The link is not working anymore! Does anyone have the tool?

Connecting data to an external source (excel, google sheets etc) is a killer feature!
Axure - Not sure if you are building this?

I have both plugins on my Google Drive - feel free to grab it.


Thank you very much ,but I find the key js link in the file can not be accessed. The js file is on the dropbox and not be shared. So the file can not be correctly run. So sad.
Or You have the js file?

No, sorry. I only got those 2 files. I grabbed them from their website when it was still online. Was not aware they actually use another .js file.

Hi, I have used the same way based the youtube video, somehow, the data is not loading on my page. What I did was publishing the google sheets, then copied the link to connector settings panel, then I dragged the Connector driver and connector column into the page, then changed the name of the column, however, when I run it, the data is not loading.

what else I can do? thanks

Hi there

I’d love to use this in my prototype - would it be possible to post the links again as they seem to have expired?



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Very cool - another request to reupload :smiley:

Hi everybody!
Is there still any way to load data from outside to prototype in Axure 9?
Or maybe some hints how to do that?

I would be very grateful for any help!

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Hello Azrael
Your library looks really interesting. I downloaded it and tried to get it running, but wasn’t successfull. I think it is because the Javascript referenced in the connector settings panel is not available anymore (404 Error). Can you or somebody else maybe provide this javascript file? Thanks Gregor