Slice image problem


I am using Axure 9 on Mac.
when I use right click menu > slice image, many times the image is sliced immediately, and I cannot select where. Only after ctrl Z, on the second try it works well. On Axure 8 with the same Mac it doesn’t happen.

Same problem, but more details: This happens when the image is not already selected and you right click on the image and select slice from the context menu. (It is really annoying.)

Hi guys! Thanks for the report. We have this issue for slicing via the context menu incorrectly applying the slice filed on our end for investigation. In the meantime, it looks like the same problem doesn’t occur if you use the keyboard shortcut instead of right-clicking to slice via the context menu–hopefully that helps as a workaround! To keep up to date on the list of fixes that have been applied, we’d recommend keeping an eye on the release history page here or on the release history notes in “Help > Check for Updates” within Axure RP.

Note: If you have single key shortcuts turned on then the shortcut is [S]. If not, then it’s [Option]+[Shift]+[Cmd]+[S]

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