Slide in Axure cloud mobie!

I have a problem with my mobile prototype, in Axure software I manage to slide from top to bottom normally on the chrome browser, but when I find myself on Axure Cloud mobile, I cannot slide.
who has ever had this kind of problem? help pleaseLikvid mobile.rp (556.9 KB)

Hi Serge1!

It looks like this is due to the “full page” dynamic panel using “Keep in front” in its “Pin to Browser” formatting:

This formatting places the dynamic panel in front of the scrolling panel. Because the “full page” dynamic panel overlaps the scrolling panel, the scrolling panel’s scrolling cannot be activated. Ensuring that the scrolling dynamic panel is at the top of the layer order and removing the “Keep in front” property from the “full page” dynamic panel should help resolve this issue.

Likvid mobile-edited.rp (553.9 KB)

You can learn more about pinned dynamic panels here:

I hope this helps!

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Thank you very much, it works well, I thought the problem was with Axure cloud mobile, thank you again, I like this software.

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