Snapping is getting worse

This is hard to explain but there needs to be some sort of preferential weighting in the widget snapping logic.

With the addition of “Widget Snap Enhancement: Moving widgets on canvas will now snap to position when widgets are equal in distance.” it now realllllly likes to snap to random widgets it sees are equal distance away.


  • Showing the horizontal and vertical alignment lines but sometimes (often?) won’t snap to them
  • Showing horizontal and vertical widget alignment lines while close but not aligned
  • Equal distance snapping to frankly random sh*t, random distances away (see the “12” in the screenshot)
  • Equal distance snapping is not working intuitively (see the "85"s in the screenshot… the label is 85 from the mail icon, and the widgets i’m moving are 85 away from the… random rectangle? Why not the mail icon?)

Potential solutions

  • If there’s a line displayed for snapping, by god at least pretend to try to allow snapping to it
  • Prefer closer objects to further ones for snapping
  • Prefer objects “layered” the same, i.e. a widget directly on the background should prefer to snap with or space evenly with other widgets played directly on the background.
  • Prefer guidelines over equal distance snapping
  • No ideas on the random stuff the equal distance stuff picks
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Hi @gothate

Thanks for taking the time to write feedback on this change—and for adding a screenshot. By any chance, are you able to send us the file that’s shown in the screenshot? That will assist us to fine-tune the logic. (If you can, please send it over to

We’ll be looking at this further based on your feedback. Thanks!

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Ah crap, I could have but I’ve been pretty actively working on it and it’s changed. I will try and grab it when it happens again.

Edit: Nevermind, I was able to undo changes to that page and send it along

Would it also be possible to “prefer” measuring to other objects in the direction you are nudging or moving the object? At the very least it shouldn’t keep measuring orthogonally since that distance isn’t changing.