Snapshot cannot scale page background


Hmm, it looks like you’re seeing that the image rendered in your snapshot widget isn’t correctly displaying the snapshot’s target page. If you’re able to easily reproduce this, would you mind attaching a copy of the affected file or a sample file that demonstrates this issue? This will allow us to confirm the setup and verify whether this is a known issue. Thank you!

Bug.rp (54.6 KB)

Thanks for attaching that file! That helped to clarify the issue. It looks like snapshot widget content on the targeted page will scale accordingly if the content is widgets, but if an image is used as the background of the targeted page then that image does not scale in the snapshot. I’ve gone ahead and filed this as a new bug on our end, and we’ll update this thread if there is any news on the status of this bug. Otherwise, please keep an eye on the Axure RP 9 release notes thread for news on what bug fixes have been released. Thanks!

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