Snapshot widget quality concern -Axure 8.0

I have a master with a text of a certain size all over a screen

The size of this master is 840 X 315

I would like to use this screen in a snapshot tool of size 370 X140
However, the text is impossible to decipher. see below
That said if I put a png of this master in the placeholder tool of same size 370 X140 it does not deteriorate as much.
My question is what is the reason for the deterioration of master quality in the snapshot tool and is there a fix ?

See a comparison image below


Hmm, are you using Axure RP on a Windows machine or a Mac? There’s a known issue filed on our end in which snapshots that have scaled down their target pages show blurry/rough text when viewed on Windows; confirming your setup would help to verify whether you’re running into the same bug or a separate issue. Thanks!

It’s a windows 7 machine

Thanks for following up to confirm! Since you’re on Windows it seems like you’re running into the issue that we currently have filed. I’ve gone ahead and added your case to our report.

While there isn’t currently a good workaround for this issue on Windows if you must scale down your snapshots, it does look like the snapshot quality is better in the version 9 beta. We wouldn’t advise using the beta for critical projects yet as we’re still working out the bugs, but hopefully that will help when full release comes around. In the meantime, please keep an eye on the release channel for updates about incoming fixes for Axure RP 8. Thank you!