Software crash when using keyboard to move connection point to right

Hi xingbb!

Hmm, I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue following the steps shown in your GIF. Are you running the latest build of the Axure RP 9 beta? You check for updates by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates”. If your application is not up to date, please update and try again.

If Axure RP 9 is up to date, or if this issue persists after the application has been updated, please send your Axure logs to our support team by emailing

To find your Axure logs, copy and paste the following path into your File Explorer:


Locate your “logs” folder and compress the “logs” folder into a ZIP file. Please attach this ZIP file in your email to

I am using the latest version 3634 and the log has been sent to the designated mailbox.