Some elements will disappear when I scrolling the page or moving some elements

Just like the title said, I create a very simple page with rectangle, line and text. But the problem still exist. TextUIDisappear.rp (46.6 KB)

Anything clues?


Hi David,

Are you by chance on macOS Big Sur? If so, please go ahead and update Axure RP if needed so that you are on the current version (, since our most recent updates have included fixes for the bugs occurring with macOS Big Sur (such as widgets seeming to disappear after scrolling, zooming, or moving the canvas).

If you’re still seeing this issue after updating (or if you were already on the most recent build), please email so that we can help you troubleshoot this issue. Thanks!

Yes, I’m using Big Sur, it works fine after update to the latest version.

Thanks for your time.

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