Something is wrong with Axure 9

Something is wrong with Axure, click is not working anymore

Prototype was fine and suddenly everything stopped working

Seriously, Axure 8 is best version since Axure 9, everything just become comlicated for no reason. A UX tools is not supposed to be built this way

Just checked one of my prototypes. Working fine for me. Sometimes this can happen if you have a panel overlaying a page, so you can see the link but there is something over the top of it? If you want to tell us more about the specific issue I’m sure someone can help.

I designed a mobile prototype long time ago in version 8 and saved a copy as version 9, but forgot to save a copy as version 8. So I am stuck with that project as version 9. Usually my version choice is version 8

Now the problem.
The Mobile App is built using 1 Page and other pages are Dynamic panels. This is how I have been building all my prototypes and worked perfect

Now my frontend developer just said the prototype is not working on click and I checked to

Everything is fine on the file itself “Set State to another Dynamic panel” But when I view on browser and click the button, nothing happens.

This issues was fine even as at last week, and now, just stopped working

I am just going to do design it from the scratch in version 8, because the time it will take me to be fixing and fixing, better of redesigning in version, as I can’t open axure 9 in axure 8

OK. Well sometimes it’s just nice to let off steam I guess. If I can help with fixing/identifying the issue in v9 I’d be happy to be a second pair of eyes, otherwise good luck with the rebuild. :+1:

I wonder how many people will stick with v9 given the change in pricing model?

@jamesorior, Contact Axure support at and attach or link to your .rp file.

In general, if you have published a prototype that was working, and have not republished it (from Axure RP editor) then that would indicate the issue would be with your browser, not specifically with Axure per se. Browsers change the way they handle interactions, usually for security reasons, efficiency, or handling new or more common input methods. So the code Axure developed and tested against may no longer be valid. If you originally created the prototype in RP8 and then opened and saved it in RP9 (with or without changing anything) there is a chance that older HTML/Javascript/CSS code from RP8 may still be lingering, which your browser has deprecated and no longer supports. Axure support folks should be able to determine things like this. I’ve found them to be very responsive and effective for issues like this.

Are you saying that no Click or Tap events of any kind are working, or just on this one button in this one prototype?

To help you troubleshoot your specific issue/s, use the Preview option from RP, open the Console pane in the browser prototype player, and click Start Trace. That will tell you if the Click or Tap event is being received/handled. If it is, then likely a conditional case isn’t working the way you intend. The event trace should help narrow down to the interaction code you need to work on. If no event is registered when you click on a button or interactive widget, then start looking for other widgets that might be in front. If it is too hard to tell, you can add temporary Click or Tap events to all widgets being moved, resized, hidden/shown, or otherwise changed. Add it to the Page as well (empty area of the canvas) --just something benign but easy to see in the Console, like setting OnLoadVariable to “click” or something.

Another quick test you could do is to check when your (or developer’s) browser was last updated. If recent, then revert to an earlier version and test that. I’d expect Axure support folks to either know this already or be able to fully test it pretty quickly for you.

If you post your .rp file, even just an excerpt, then users here on this forum can help you troubleshoot and offer solutions, even if just a stop-gap workaround pending official Axure response or bug fix.

I would have shared the RP file, but NDA is preventing me doing so. Really upset about the whole thing.

I’m also suddenly having issues with executing simple conditional logic. It’s a very simple Upon selection > set panel state to + show if hidden. Nothing. Even more simple logic such such show group on selection - Nothing. I’m on Axure 9

Then likely nothing an end user here could do or know about. Contact to get help.