Source Code Repository?


My team is currently working through a change management process with our developers to figure out how we can refer back to previous versions of wireframes after they have been published on AxShare, and our technical lead was wondering if there was support to hook up Axure wireframes to a source code repository (Git for example), and if there are any technical documents we can refer to for this.


Hi Jenny!

I wanted to let you know that Axure wireframes are not currently compatible with code repositories such as Git, but I’ll pass a feature request along to our respective teams about this functionality. If you are interested in project file revision history, this feature is available with team project files for Axure RP Team edition and Axure RP Enterprise edition. You can learn more about these editions and their features here.

Hi Jenny,

Sorry for the late reply! I wanted to make sure I’m understanding what you folks were looking for. It sounds like the main goal was to have a way to look at past versions of what you’ve published to Axure Share; is that right? And that using a repo was an idea for how to have access to the historical versions?


Yes, that is correct. And also to have the ability to revert back to previous versions if needed.