Spell check doesn't work on Axure 9 v.9.0.3641

F7 should give me the spell check, but when I click it, that Axure cannot spell check for the current language setting.
my setting is English, so why it doesnt work?
Is there a way to have a spell check as Chrome/Office?


Hi keren,

Hmm in a quick test on my end, pressing F7 to launch spellcheck is working on Windows. To confirm, are you seeing that the spellcheck dialog isn’t popping up at all, or that it’s not detecting the text that you want to check (if the latter, then is it widget text or text in other areas of the UI such as widget names that you’re checking)? Does the dialog pop up if you go to “Edit > Spellcheck” instead of using the keyboard shortcut?

To confirm, are you currently on the latest build of the beta? If you’re not currently on build 3642, then please update to see if that fixes it since we released some fixes to resolve issues with popup dialogs.

Thank you for your Answer :slight_smile:
this is the msg i get:

all is updated…

Hi Keren,

Thanks for the screenshot! To help diagnose the issue, would you mind taking screenshots of the language settings that you have applied to your OS? This would help to verify what specific settings you have in place to see if we can reproduce the behavior on our end. Thank you!


Is that OK?

thank you :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s the same display language that I have set as well, but I’m not able to reproduce the same issue you’re seeing when pressing F7 to run spell check on Windows 10. To confirm, for “Country or region”, do you have “United States” or something else set? Likewise, for “Preferred Language”, which language is listed at the top of the list? These are the settings that are working on my end; if you have anything different then that would be good to know as it may help to isolate why you’re getting that error message on your machine:

Still not working and I just finish downloading the last version

Aha, thanks for that screenshot! It looks like having the format for your user account set to Hebrew (Israel) is what’s causing the issue. I get the same error if I switch my settings to reflect what you have under “Current User”, but spellcheck works if the format is switched back to English (you have to restart Axure RP after applying the settings change). If you need to get spellcheck working then switching the format in “Region & language > Administrative language settings > Format” should help as a workaround. I’ll file this internally so that we can look into more language and regional support for the spellchecker. Thank you for bringing this up!

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