Standards size of screens


What size should I choose in Axure to built:

Desktop most standard format?
Mobile most standard format?

It is to create responsive web site for a university.



As I used to say, “The nice thing about standards is, there are so many to choose from.” :wink:

“Desktop” can mean so many different things these days, and screen sizes and resolutions can vary widely. I would say it depends on your viewing audience… Perhaps your IT department could help address this–what is the most common screen resolution and/or browser window size of visitors to your web site? Or, are there two or more classifications for “desktop browser size” --as in, student-issued Chromebooks versus “offsite” visitors? It might be necessary to have more than one “desktop” size in your adaptive views.

Or, you can use sites like this to see what “most people” are using:

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Thanks, very helpfull!