Stopwatch with Start Stop and Reset buttons

Hi, I have been looking at some of the forums but got a tad lost. I did manage to follow one of the document templates which gave me a counter in seconds when the page loaded but its not what I need.

I want a simple digital clock 00:00:00 format which has three buttons below start, stop and reset.

Someone must have done this already.

Please dont point me into a thread that only gives me half of what I need as I am a bit thick and easily fooled. my pin number and sort code are …

hope you guys can help.


Since you said digital clock, I assume the last two numbers are seconds rather than hundredths of a second, as they would be on a stop watch.

The file below is a modification of this post, in which STOP serves as both stop and reset. Not what you want, but if you’re at all curious how the time-keeping works, you can examine this.

This in this version STOP means “pause” and START means “start” when the clock has been reset or “resume” when the clock has not been reset.


stop_start_clock.rp (65.0 KB)

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I thought I had replied but its not showing here. The code you send works perfectly, I didn’t need the hours so simply covered it up with a black box.
many thanks again

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