Store added/removed rows of a repeater when switching pages

Hi there,

I am new to this forum (and Axure).

I have a problem regarding the repeater widget. I want to have a list containing no items at the beginning so that only the user can add items by clicking on a button. This works fine with ‘Add Rows’. The problem is that I can only transfer one item to another page. Currently, every time a new item is added to the list, each parameter (column) of this item is saved in a global variable and loaded into another repeater on the other page (e.g. temp_ID, temp_Name, …).
Here’s where the problem starts: This solution works only for one item. If the user adds more than one only the last one is loaded into the repeater on the other site because the global variables get overriden each time.

I tried to use something like [[all_Sprint.split(’|’,indicator)]] (s. also) to ‘simluate’ arrays but unfortunately it didn’t work. The plan was to split the variable using ‘|’ as a separator. The indicator is a global variable starts at 0. I tried to use ‘LOADED’ of the repeater and have two conditions: one until the indicator reaches the number of items (called it LOAD) and one after it is equal to the number of items (called it FINAL). In LOAD a row is added with the split statement above. Then the indicator is increased by 1 and another load event is fired (tried to make a loop until the indicator is equal to the number of items). When the indicator is equal to the number of items, the indicator is set to 0 and the loop ends. However, this did not work and I have no idea how to achieve the goal of ‘storing’ all added or removed rows of a repeater when switching pages so that its appearance/status will be the same when the user returns to that page.