Stroke style, zooming and nudge size

Hi all.
I have several Q’s.
When i copy line icons from Figma which is composed of strokes with rounded caps and rounded joins they are not copied as is in Axure. In Ax rounded caps and joins are lost and my tailored icons is looking really ugly. Is there a way to control the stroke properties in Ax? Or all line icons should be redrawn as shapes?
Other Q. is… when working with 16px icon set (small objects) i wish i could zoom up to 6000% like in Figma. 1000% feels so limited. I understand, that i could change the size of the element, make the change and then to scale back to 1:1. But… i somewhat prefer to work at 1:1 scale and utilize zooming. Is there a way to enable larger zooms?
I tried to edit icons in “library mode”, but seems it’s all the same.
Other Q. is about nudge size. Is there a way to set nudge from 10 to 8px? I mean, when i Shift+Arrow move objects.
Any hints?

I added example of simple icon. Max zoom at Ax and 4K zoom at Figma. Also, you can see the rounded caps in Figma which are lost in Ax.