Stuck on "Generating Project"



I just finished editing my project and when I try to publish it shows “Generating Project” forever.

the previous version worked just fine.

I tried to save it in a different axshare project and under a different file name.

Please help as the deadline is today.


Same problem: High prio: Unable to update project


everything is back to normal


How did you solve the problem?


it just fixed itself.

However, I did manually uploaded the file to Axshare.

I also created another file by a different name and copy-pasted everything.

at the end, the original file also worked in the usual way.

so maybe the problem was on axure share servers.


Hi Asho!

If you are still encountering issues using Axure Share, please try closing and relaunching Axure RP, and then try using Axure Share again. If the issue continues after the application has been relaunched, please let me know!