Style Guide from a Protoype

Hi Guys

Is there a way to publish a prototype for developers that includes a functional full spec style guide?


Maybe this PlugIn is sufficient for your requirements

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Please note, the redline tool is not yet compatible with RP9. I am just finishing up a build which will address the issues I’ve identified. That should hopefully be available this evening.

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As of now, the tool should support RP9.

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Firstly, thank you for your generosity in publishing this Redline tool.
I see that Axure now has a cloud “inspect” tool- can I ask you to tell me what the differences are between your plug in and Axure’s new inspect feature?
I think (at least) one nice difference is your “show grid” option- very thoughtful.

Thank you!

Greetings! I haven’t continued to track the progress of the built-in tool but the last time I had reviewed, I noticed that the built-in tool still struggled to display some of the dimensions and specs of generated objects. The way that Axure generates some of the shapes sometimes leaves artifacts of several “layers” each containing bits of the puzzle. So over time, I’ve captured the defects recorded by users and incorporated those into how the tool interacts with these unique shapes or renderings. So in general, the tool was able to accurately display more specs than the built-in tool. This may have all changed though but I don’t know what sort of progress continues on the tool internally.