Suddenly can't drag a library object/widget to project

I’ve always been able to drag a button or other object from the Library to my project, but suddenly am unable to do so. Changed the battery in my mouse, but that didn’t fix the problem. Is there some setting which causes this to happen? If I can’t create buttons, etc. then Axure is useless to me.

Seems odd… Are you trying to edit a Team Project file? Double-check that you have the page checked out.

If that’s not it, close and reopen Axure.

Email and attach your .rp file to the email.

To add on to mbc66’s suggestions on verifying whether your page is checked out (if you’re using team projects) and whether restarting helps, if you still see that you can’t drag widgets out of the libraries pane or on the canvas then please verify whether you happen to have any apps or browser extensions installed that may affect the clipboard. In the past, we’ve seen browser extensions like Pushbullet and Clipbrd cause issues with dragging both in Axure RP as well as in other areas of the OS.

If you don’t happen to have anything like that installed and rebooting the machine doesn’t help, then please email and let us know the following:

  1. What OS are you running?

  2. What version and build of Axure RP are you using?

  3. When did the issue begin, and do you recall what changes were made to your machine right before this started? (e.g. new hardware, new software, software updates, new browser extensions, etc…).


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