Suddenly very slow

Is it just me or the software has become very slow after the last update( Scrolling in the page is almost impossible. It’s very difficult to work with the software at the moment :frowning:

Hi domenico,

I’m sorry to hear that! Is there just one specific file that’s slow, or all files (new or existing) slow? If the former, could you share the offending .rp file here so that I could test it? And could you let me know whether updating to 3627 was the only change on your machine from when you started noticing the performance issues?

Hi Jane,

It’s not a particular file, it’s become a general behavior of the software. Another thing I did was updating my mac to macOS 10.14.2. That could be something…

Wouldn’t it be possible for me to install the previous version of Axure 9 beta? To see if that helps?

I think that the problem could also be found somewhere in the library. I was also importing some new ones… I deleted al the new but now it takes long to load the default library. Also when I delete one library and restart the software I see that library back in the libraries panel…

I Don’t know what happened but everything is working properly again. Started either comp and software multiple times without result. This morning in the train still same problem. Arrived at station so I just closed my laptop and once arrived at my desk opened again and the problem was gone… very strange but I am happy :slight_smile:

It costed me some time to found out but now I know when this problem occurs: when my laptop is connected to an external screen I have no problem om that screen. If I drag the same project window to my laptop screen then I have the problem again.

To solve this problem I had to change the colour display profile, in my laptop settings, from “Colour LCD” to “Apple RGB” (or whatever, the only problem was “Colour LCD”).

Perhaps this helps you …

@Jane_Axure Im also noticing a significant slow down w/ the beta. I’ve tried reducing the number of files open at once and unloading libraries but neither has helped.

Hi jpzrmd!

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some slow down while using the Axure RP 9 beta! Could you tell me more about your machine and the files you are experiencing these issues with? Is this issue occurring while using any specific RP files, or is this occurring while working with all Axure RP files? If this issue is occurring while using specific files, could you please send the files along for further troubleshooting? Additionally, if you are not currently using the most recent build of the Axure RP 9 beta,, please let me know if updating to this build improves the performance of Axure RP 9 on your machine.

I feel like it’s always been slow since I’ve started using the beta. I have the latest version I’ve resorted to setting my external display to the lowest resolution (whatever “Larger Text” under the scaled resolution is in the System Preferences). It’s still jittery when panning the canvas or zooming in/out but at least it’s faster. Hope there’s some improvement on this soon!

Edit: I’ll also unplug my external displays and work directly on my MacBook display.

I noticed the same thing when I upgraded to the latest Beta. Even on a brand new document, I set a page size and then just scrolling around or grabbing/moving the canvas is super super slow. I’m on an iMac Pro so I’m pretty confident there’s something going on with the software that was working pretty smoothly until the latest update.

To solve this problem you need to change the color profile of your mac. For me just changing from colour LCD to color LCD solved the issue. Strange but true

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Earlier I said it was slow from the beginning, but now I’m definitely noticing it. If you reduce your resolution waaaay down then it’s pretty smooth. :grinning:

woah, that actually did drastically improve performance. Still not super smooth but it did improve.

Next thing I tried was to disable dark mode and sure enough, doing that improved performance even with my default color profile selected… so it’d seem this has something possibly to due with dark mode.

Yup, I can confirm switching to Mac’s light mode improved my performance pretty drastically. It’s a temporary fix but now I’m blinded by the light.

Agree! My Axure 9 Beta is fluent on my external display (1920*1080), but very slow on my Mac internal retina display when resizing and scrolling.

And Domenico’s solution, changing color profile, also works for me!

I’m using a 15’ MacBook Pro 2016 mid, BTW.

thanks, domenico

it’s working.

there’s no topic about this problem at any forum in China,it took me a long way to get here , lol <_<

I am having the same problem with version 900.3634 on an iMac under Mojave. I switched off dark mode, but it still does not help. The file contains around 30 pages with lots of layers and interactions. But it works fine with Axure 8. In Axure 9 it is very slow and frequently only shows the beachball. So I went back to 8 again. Pitty, since Axure 9 looks really nice and I like the new features.

Me too,it’s so pitty!

Hi guys,

Thank you for all of the reports on the performance of the 9 beta! Per the new forum policy we’re going to close out this thread, and will be continuing to investigate performance issues on our end. If anyone is still running into this issue, as a first step please try changing your color profile to see if that helps, as some users have reported better performance after doing so. If you see improvements from this, we would appreciate a quick heads up via email to confirm.

If issues persist, then please email with the following information:

  1. Is the performance issue file-specific? If so, then please attach your file to the email.

  2. If the issue is not file-specific, then are there certain actions or certain areas in the UI that seem to trigger more slowness? Video of the behavior would be helpful if you’re able to reliably reproduce it.

  3. Are you currently using Axure RP with light or dark mode, and do you see a difference in performance if you switch from one to the other?

  4. Please send a screenshot of your color profile settings for the monitor on which you are using Axure RP.

The above would help to gather more specific information to further diagnose the issues in the beta. In the meantime, please feel free to keep an eye on the beta release notes to keep track of what fixes and changes have been released. Thank you!