[Suggestion] Share button should provide a copy option for deep links

The share button in the top toolbar only allows you to copy a link to the root public url. I find myself always wanting to copy a deep link for the current page instead. In my opinion this should be the default, as it is very easy to trim the url to root, when pasting it into an email or similar.


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Hello @Claus_Stadel I hope you are having a wonderful day!

In Axure Cloud you can now copy and share a deep link to a specific page for both the prototype (Public Link) as well as the preview page in Axure Cloud (Member Link). This functionality to deep link to a specific page is now the default option that surfaces when you click “share” while viewing an individual page in Axure Cloud.

If you instead wish to share a link to the root of the project (which will be the first page when using the public link and the project overview page when using the member link) simply uncheck the “link to current page” checkbox.

I hope this is the functionality you were looking for when you initially wrote in. Please let me know if you have any further feedback or thoughts.

All the best,
Raleigh Matern
Product Manager