SUGGESTION: Show hotspots in Axshare


When viewing prototypes in axshare and even in preview it would be great to flash the hotspots on when the user clicks somewhere that doesnt have any interaction setup, so they can see where they can click without having to manually turn hotspots on and off. This is a pretty common interaction in most prototyping apps and hopefully a simple improvement.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve gone ahead and passed the request along to the product team. :slight_smile:


Has this feature been implemented yet? I agree with the above user.


Yes, with all due respect, WTF. If this feature in your development pipeline, would you please update us as to its ETA?



Hi, I also find this feature interesting I hope it will be added.



In case it’s helpful, Axure does have a feature that will outline all widgets that have interactions. It’s located in the ellipsis menu on the top right of the prototype player:

Not quite the same as what you’re asking for, but hopefully useful for your communication with coworkers. Tbh, I always hated that feature in InVision (blinking all hotspots when a user clicks anywhere), since it was enabled by default and would pretty quickly invalidate usability tests.