Switching Focus


I am building a prototype and in it, I have to switch focus from the text field to image and back to another text field. The 7th focus switch is not working. I am going from a text field to a image. I have already done this two times in the demo but it’s not working on this image. I have tried to use a different image. Is there a limit to how often you can switch focus? The file is 2.1 MB is it just getting too big?


There shouldn’t be any kind of limit on how often you switch focus. How are you switching focus? Tab key? Axure interaction? If you swap the last image for another input field does it work? You might need to upload your .rp file for this one.


Yes if I direct focus to a text field it works. But for whatever reason, it won’t set focus on an image. Even though it did on the first two images.
So I cheated, you guys will probably revoke my Axure license for doing this:wink: I put a transparent text field around the images and it works. I would like to figure out why it’s not setting focus to an image so I’m not having to wrap it with a text field.


In order for a widget to be focusable it needs some kind of interaction, otherwise the browser treats it as “dead” and not worthy of getting focus. So, my guess is your first two images have some kind of interaction event defined.

You can use most events (but not events like OnMouseEnter) and the “interaction” can be empty. For example, you can select a widget, double-click the OnFocus event and click OK straight away–you will be left with an empty “Case 1” but this will render the widget focusable. I recommend renaming “Case 1” to something you/others will understand, like “Keep to get focus” and not misinterpret it as an accidental or now-unused event and feel an urge to delete it.


Thanks for the reply mbc66. I have also Dynamic Panels that have interaction on them but dont take the focus. Dynamic Panels should take focus correct?

I also tried created the the same object and just Grouped the elements. Still not taking the focus.




See this demo file with a text field and three dynamic panels. The panels will get focus in order when the Tab key is pressed. In a browser, when the last focusable element gets focus and Tab is pressed again, it will typically shift focus to the URL bar or other control in the browsers chrome. To keep the focus on the page, I added a hidden widget (just a hotspot in this case) with a Got Focus event that sets the focus on the first item. This lets a user Tab-Tab-Tab through the UI and keep the focus on the page.

Tab to focus.rp (51.9 KB)