Tab between fields priority



I have a form with 15 editable text fields. When viewing in browser, as a User I’d like to tab between fields from top to bottom as I type. However when I tab it jumps from on field to another sporadically - without any order, Like it can jump from field 1 to 4 and then from 4 to 11 etc, How do I change that in prototype? Using 3142 version.
thank you


Tabbing in a browser is controlled by an element’s z-index. If you add the fields in the order you want them to be tabbed through, you should be able to tab in the correct order.


Move each of them from first to last using “Bring to Front”.

The order of tab is equal to order of layers in Axure. Each objects is one layer. When you add samothing, it will be the top/last layer. You can change the order of layers by these icons.


thanks for detailed explanation


You can also drag and drop using the widget manager in the bottom right of the screen. You have to unfilter out the default filter which is “Dynamic Panels only” to “All widgets”. Once you do that your objects will be listed under your dynamic panels and you can reorder them by dragging which will then change the z-index. To me this is easier then clicking bring to front on each element.


I’ve tried the drag and drop and now my fields are in the correct order, however once I preview the page, tabbing does not work as expected.


Hi dschwimmer,

It sounds like your text fields aren’t tabbing in the expected order after re-arranging their z-indexes. In this case, would you be able to post a copy of the RP file you’re currently working with? That’ll help with getting a closer look at how your file is set up. You can also it send it over to if privacy is a concern. TY!


I had the same problem when I had swapped the order of fields around.

The easiest way to deal with was:

  1. Name all your fields with ‘++’ or something like that at the start of the label

  2. In the widget manager search for ‘++’

  3. Drag and drop them in correct order