Tab focus is backwards?

I’m trying to build a demo that shows accessible keyboard control. One problem:
Tab and Shift+tab move the tab focus in the wrong directions .

  • when tabbing through the controls on a page Tab should move the focus forward and Shift+tab should move the tab focus back.
    The direction seems to be reversed from this standard convention. Am I missing something here?

The tab pattern is to start at the “bottom-most” widget (in z-order, or the “layers” in the Axure editor Outline panel) and progress through the widgets in order. So “forward” moves up the stack of widgets and “backward” moves down the stack. This is the same as HTML (because the output is HTML.)

If you want to adjust the tab order, just move your widgets up and down accordingly in the Outline panel. If everything seems backward to you, just swap the entire order from top to bottom.

AH - I had tried that but it didn’t work - but on the fourth attempt - flipping the sort order and re-layering did the trick! Thanks.

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