Tab Order - Floating labels

I am using inputs similar to the Material design style with floating labels.
I found this input widget online, and it works OK, but the problem is that that the tab order includes the floating label. So instead of tabbing to second input, the cursor will jump up to the label.

Is there a way to skip the label. In real software, the label is not included in the tab order.

paymentAmount.rp (75.9 KB)

So, in your “fieldLabel” dynamic panel you have a Text Field widget (also named “fieldLabel”), which is a focusable element, so it gets focus as a user tabs through input elements. However, you are never accepting nor processing any input with this widget–nor do you need to. So, if you replace these Text Field widgets with Rectangle widgets, they will never get focus. You have a number of these in both the “fieldLabel” and “floatingLabel” dynamic panel states for each input group.

See Page 2 of this updated file for a fix.
paymentAmount.rp (116.4 KB)

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That works great. Thank you for taking the time to help and for the informative explanation.

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