Tab order tied to canvas order, which is backwards from how I need it to be

I’m running into an issue with the the order that text fields focus on tab. I have a vertical row of text fields (as dynamic panels) and I have the layers ordered in the canvas you see them in the prototype, from top to bottom.

I have it ordered this way so that when a user opens a dropdown, the dropdown list displays OVER the text field below it instead of the dropdown list getting hidden behind the text field below it. But because it’s ordered this way, the tab focus order is backwards in the prototype.

When the layers are in the order I need them to be for this dropdown to work:

When the layers are in the “correct” order for tabbing top to bottom to work:

What are my options to achieve both correct tab order and dropdowns that float above the text fields below them?

Yes, I agree the tab order seems backward, but that’s just the way it is.

To get around this in your example, when you show the droplist, use the option “Bring to front” (look under More Options or follow the Show action with a Bring to front action. This is good practice in general when showing widgets.

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