Table Row - Mouse Over Highligting

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I have presenting a data, just like in excel sheets. So, for that i am using Axure Table to present that data i,e rows & Columns.

So, here the requirement is if : “the user mouse over/hover on any table cell, the entire row should be highlighted with a different mouse over color property.”

I have checked the interactions on table cells and mouse over effect is applicable for each individual cell but not for entire row. So, is there a way to highlight an entire of table on mouse over event ??


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This behavior isn’t supported by the table object. You can highlight individual cells using interaction styles, but that’s it.

The workaround would be to make the table transparent, put a rectangle with the highlight color behind it, and put a hotspot over each row with the following script:

Move (Rectangle) to [[This.left]] , [[]]
Set Size of (Rectangle) to [[This.width]], [[This.height]]

(The latter command is needed only if the row height is not uniform.)

Is there any plan to offer a more graceful solution in a future release? This is a really common feature in tables and it seems odd that the product doesn’t support it better


Hi KathyLe3,

Thanks for the feedback–I’m not able to say if there are any plans to implement this, however I’ll be glad to submit a feature request for the ability to highlight rows of table widgets to our PM team. Axure RP 9 is currently in development so you can stay tuned for that, but please let us know if you have any questions or if there are any other features you’d like to see in the meantime!

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I would second this feature request. Row and column interaction styles are very commonly used.


Just use a repeater table, set the mouseover color for each label, group them, Name the Selection Group, check “TriggerMouseInteractionStyles”… and enjot.

RP file: MouseOverRow.rp (80.0 KB)


Just what i needed, :smiley: