Tablet performance issues



Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew of performance issues when testing on a mobile device? I’ve attached the .rp file for a prototype I built which works fine on desktop but when I test on mobile it just doesn’t respond as it should.

If a user has selected United Kingdom they should be able to select a qualification type and see the relevant content. But on mobile it just seems to hang and not function as it does on desktop.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas why? Appreciate the time.

Petecse_prototype.rp (380.9 KB)


Hello Pete,
Based on your file, you have not declared other adaptive views and need to do so in order to work.
I have uploaded your file and modified the last page as an example.
You will need to set the page properties under style, then under page dimensions you will need to add some adaptive views shown in the screenshot.
you can play the file I am sending you and you will se that on resize it changes the layout. Keep in mind that you will need to create a layout for each adaptive views. You will be able to do that from the top right corner of your document. you will see “Base” highlighted in blue and portrait tablet, iPhone plus 8. You can create any format you wish to have used on your audience. I picked those as an example.
Hope this helps.

cse_prototype.rp (382.6 KB)


Hi Pierre,

Thansk so much for the info. I’ve been learning about adaptive views so will apply that and update the prototype to work on mobile.