Taking input from a textfield and showing it on another part of the page

This is very simple, I guess, but I need to sort it out quickly. I have a simple form. The key element is the name field. I want to take the input from this field and display it in a box to the right of the screen. I need to create a local variable to capture the input, and use the variable to output the name to the box, but I cannot work out how to do it. Can anyone help me? Much appreciation, in advance. Stuart

Sorry, just to add. There is a button at the end of the form which when clicked should add the name entered in the name field and then clear the form.

Hi -
I put together 2-options …

Option 1: Shows the use of “Set Text” action
Option 2: Shows the use of a variable

Both should accomplish what you’re looking for, depending upon your use case.
Hope it helps.

EXAMPLE-SetText_and_LVAR.rp (54.6 KB)

Hi there

Thanks for your help. I worked it out in the end. My next task is creating a list using the same form and variables. The idea is that reference books have more than one author so my software idea needs to allow for the Editor in Chief to add as many authors as they need.

But again, thanks.