Tap or Click, once to start transistion, seond time to "revert"


Hi. I must not have this “structured” correctly, I want to be able to:

  1. Click/Tap an image (George Cloony - one of 3 images in a dynamic panel “slider”)
  2. have the image transition and then be able to
  3. Click/Tap it again to have the sequence reverse back to the 1st State

But I am not able to assign a 2nd Click/Tap event to the same image. How do I need to set up the widgets in order to do this?

Playing around with something similar could you use 2 hot spots - or is there a better way to do it?

If you could post your source .rp file it will help other forum users here see just how you have set up your prototype and offer solutions.

In general, if you’ve set this up as one big dynamic panel, then you can use conditional cases in your Click or Tap event. Something like, “IF State of MyPanel is GeorgeSummary, Set Panel State of MyPanel to GeorgeDetail” , "ELSE IF State of MyPanel is GeorgeDetail, Set Panel State of MyPanel to “GeorgeSummary” --That should let you transition back and forth with a click on the same image. You’ll want to “undo” the image scaling and other motion effects when transitioning back to original state, of course. Another approach would be to Toggle Selected when clicking the image, and in that image’s Selected event, place your code to handle the transition to show details. Likewise, in the Unselected event, undo your transitions.

Or, if you have two dynamic panels, one for the photo carousel on top and one for the details, you can use either approach, just substituting your actions and being careful to do the opposite (undo) in the second case condition or Unselected event.

My guess is that the “ghosting” effect when swiping is coming from the Click or Tap event being triggered when the finger/mouse swipe is released. You could perhaps set a delay to show the details that matches or just exceeds the duration of your swipe transition (e.g., set panel state duration of 300 ms) with a Wait action as the first action (e…g, Wait 310 ms). Or, you could move all your actions from Click or Tap to Mouse Button Up then set a variable with Mouse Button Down and test the value of that variable in the Mouse Button Up event in a conditional case. Use the Swiped Left and Swiped Right events to clear the variable so that your Mouse Button Up condition evaluates to false, thus blocking the “unintended click” during a swipe.

Thank you - I will check out the conditional logic and see if I can get that to work. I did create another prototype that used 2 hotspot widgets and that seemed to work fairly easily (but it’s kinda hacky).

I determined that the “ghosting” was because i included the detail test within the dynamic panel’s state.

I understand how to link to the Axure Cloud to enable you to preview my prototype, but I’m not sure how to “post” the source file?

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