Team Check-Out Conflicts & Publishing Errors


I’m using Team projects but am actually the only person on my project file. No one else edits it. Over the last few weeks, I keep running into a variety of errors when trying to check in, check out, send changes, and publish.

This includes, strangely, repeated errors insisting I don’t have an internet connection (it is working fine for all other purposes).

I’m having a hard time documenting precise behavior, but there are some screenshots attached. I would really like to just hit the reset button on this project in terms of check-outs if possible. I have tried many variations of ‘stealing’ check outs, editing without check out, etc.



Hi shizzam!

Sorry to hear you’re running into this! It looks like our support team has received your email regarding this issue, and you should be receiving an email with some next troubleshooting steps shortly.

Thank you!

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