Team features not working for us as of today

Using Axure RP9 Team Edition on Windows 10:
Multiple members of our team have been using the team features of Axure Cloud with no issues for months…until today. We can still publish .rp files, but nothing related to .rpteam files seems to work anymore. “Create team project from current file” not working (get a “no prototype” message on Axure Cloud), no check out or check in. Assistance appreciated.

Hi TomT,

Hmm, that’s certainly odd! To confirm, on your end has anything changed recently? For example just before the issues started today, did your team update Axure RP 9 to the latest build? If not, did any updates happen on the OS, in network settings, or in any other software or network settings that may impact Axure RP’s connection to the server? This would just help to verify whether the sudden change was triggered by a network environment change, a new build, or perhaps something on the cloud side.

As far as the nature of the issue, it sounds like when you try to create or check in/out from team projects, no errors occur within Axure RP when the triggered operations fail–is that accurate, or do you get popup error reports? To help us check for errors that may be occurring in the background, would you mind sending over your Axure RP error logs to so that we can take a look? On Windows you can find these by opening the File Explorer and pasting “C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Axure\Axure-9-0\logs” into the file path bar.

If you can zip up and attach the logs from today and the last couple of days we can take a look. Since this issue seems urgent, please also put “Urgent” in the email title!

Thanks for the reply. We are no longer having the issue. We did notice yesterday that our network connection to our business Axure Cloud was not good at all—long delays, even timeouts. Today, the network connection to Axure Cloud is solid and fast. Team functions are behaving nicely. Our assumption is that yesterday’s connection issues were at the root of our Team function issues. Strange that non-Team publishing seemed to work okay yesterday, but maybe that was less demanding, or we happened to hit the timing just right. I should note that everyone at our organization who has been using Axure RP9 and Axure Cloud since late last fall really loves it. Thanks!

Hi TomT,

Oh excellent! I’m glad to hear that things are running smoothly now. If you do see the issue resurface though, please reach out again and send over any logs you find so that we can try to catch what’s causing the problem!

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