"Team" is missing!?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up an existing project and turn it into a team sharing file. As I was about to change this to shared, I noticed that “Team” is not showing (not available). I have an Axshare account and have the Axure 8 Pro Edition, but cannot figure out why “Team” is not displaying for me. Anyone know why this isn’t showing up for me? I’ve provided a screen shot for review, thanks! :slight_smile:

Ah, unlike in Axure RP 7.0, the “Pro” edition in 8.0 isn’t the same edition that gives you team projects. In 8.0, the “Team” edition is the one that gives you access to team projects, so 8.0 Team is the equivalent of 7.0 Pro, whereas 8.0 Pro is the equivalent of 7.0 Standard. Did you have a Standard license in 7.0 before you upgraded to 8.0? If you just bought the license and meant to purchase “Team” for the team projects, you can upgrade your license from Pro to Team through the customer portal. If you run into trouble with logging in to the portal, feel free to email us at support@axure.com so that someone can take a look. Thanks!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

About the registration to the Forum. Why do you have different accounts for forum and the axure site?

Hi afol,

Good question! Our forum uses a separate platform, and we don’t require users to set up an Axure account to join the festivities of the forum. However, if you’d like, I’ll be happy to file a request with our respective teams to see if we could merge the two in the future.