Team Project - different visibilty of published pages

In Axure 8, I was able to publish a teams project on two different URLs -> one with visibility of all pages (normally for the design team) and another one with limited visibility on the prototype (mainly for reviews, stakeholders or test users).
WHY is this not possible in Axure 9? This is an obvious requirement when operating in teams. Or did I just not find out yet how to do this??

Hi! It sounds like you’re looking to publish to multiple URLs. In Axure RP 9 this is still possible to do. If you want to publish to a different URL than the one that your team project changes get checked in to, then you can go open the “Publish Project” dialog and click “Publish to new URL”. If you have previously published your team project to a specific URL and want to update that URL again but it’s not displayed in the Publish Project dialog, then you will want to click the “Publish to new URL”, click the ellipsis button to open the workspaces list, then click the “Replace Existing Project” link at the bottom of that popup. This should take you to a screen where you can click the ellipsis button next to “Select project on share” to browse your existing published projects to specify which one you’d like to publish to.

The above should help to still allow publishing to multiple URLs. As far as publishing different sets of pages, if you haven’t already you can configure different HTML generators to have different sets of pages marked for generation, and can switch which generator is in use as you publish. This should allow quick switching of which pages will be shown to the user in the published URL.

Hopefully that helps!

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