Team project loads excessively slow or not at all after publish

I just created a new team project file, enabled share link, and published my changes. I’ve verified that all my pages are checked in and checked when publishing.

I’ve tried to view my project but it is just clocking.

Using Dev Tools, I can see the following.

After setting up all my screenshots, it’s still loading. I doubt it’s going to load at all.

Is anyone else seeing this with teams projects?

I am using Axure 10 Team Edition (64-bit).

Adding other screenshots from Dev Tools:


To help us investigate the issues that you’re encountering, can you please send us the project URL and the .rpteam file? Can you also let us know whether this issue occurs with any other team project?

You can send us this information to if preferred.

Thanks for the assistance on this one.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, it’s only happening for Team Project Files.

In Axure Cloud, if the project’s Advanced > Viewing settings is set to Default, this causes the issue.

Switching it to Legacy fixes it.

It may only be happening for very large files. I’ll report back if I see it happening on smaller team project files.