Team Projects in RP 9

I was excited to see the news that teams are back in RP 9 - and honestly, I was hoping for a version control system somewhat more up-to-date than SVN.
However, I discovered that even SVN has been removed and only Axure Cloud is supported. Since I am working on a lot of customer projects where our clients are quite sensitive where data resides, Axure cloud is not an option I could use.
So, my question is: Will Axure cloud actually remain the only team option, or is there still hope that some other repos (that we can host in-house) will be available as well?

Thanks - Jens

Hi Jens,

Thanks for letting us know about the limitations you’re running into as far as hosting team projects. It sounds like the public Axure Cloud server will not be a feasible hosting solution for you when building projects for your clients. We do have a couple of other options aside from Axure Cloud that should help to address situations like yours. For one, we will be offering private instances on our cloud, which would allow your team to have a separate sub instance on Axure Cloud just for yourselves and with a unique URL. We also will have an on-premises version of Axure Cloud available, which you would install on your own servers so that you can keep all of your data within your corporate firewall. These options would also allow you to have more control over accounts and user permissions for users accessing that server. If you’re interested in learning more about these options to see if they would be a fit for you, please email so that our team can provide more information and answer any specific questions you may have. Thanks!

We are often not able to access axure cloud and Axshare due to network or route cause.
so svn is very convenient way to host team projects in our office.
It’s a sad news removing svn from RP9.

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