Teams - sharing library


My team have recently all upgraded to RP9 Teams licences. I created a workspace to host our library project.
Another team member created the library and added it to the shared workspace.

If I log in to I can see both my workspace and the shared library project.

If I log in to Axure application I can see the library showing in ‘Available in cloud’. However, it sits as loading for ages - if I switch to a different library and then back to the team one it says the library cannot be loaded.

Please advise.

I can see it available here:

Selecting it does this:

It doesn’t ever load. It shows in the library list though.

Clicking ‘Remove library’ doesn’t actually remove it from the list - I have to close the app and re-open for it to disappear.


Still no update to this problem. I can’t even load the library locally as it doesn’t allow me to look for the extension .rpteamlib


Hi louiseefoster!

Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue! To begin investigating this issue, could you check if you have author or viewer permissions for the shared workspace? We’ve seen this sort of loading hang when trying to access a workspace where the user only has viewer permissions. This is a known bug that our teams are currently investigating, so if this looks to be the issue, please let me know and I’ll update our bug report regarding your experience.

Additionally, please have the creator of the team library convert the team library to a standard library (RPLIB) file, and try publishing this to the shared workspace instead. This should allow you to access the shared library file, regardless of your workspace permissions.

Please feel free to keep me updated on what you find! Thank you!