Temporarily disable an action in an interaction case

I have a variety of interactions in my prototype that are fairly complex - e.g. calculations based on previous calculations based on text entered in fields, etc. So on any given interaction I may have a bunch of actions taking place in a single case, in a particular order. (e.g. Set Variable value, then set text value, then perform calculation on a local variable, then fire an onclick event for a different widget, etc).
Sometimes when things don’t work as I expect them to, I have to do some trial and error with my interactions, and I’d like to be able to skip or a disable one particular action within a case, just so I can see if that’s the action causing my error. Is there any way to do this other than to delete the action from the case and then put it back in later?

You can’t really do branching logic within cases like that on a single entity, but you can toggle IF and ELSE IF on any given case. Right click on it to do so.

IF cases will always execute if they find matches. ELSE IF cases will only execute if the one before does not.