Text box - text is running into bottom border

I’m working on an application where, based on what a user selects, add a variable amount into a text box. I have a border-bottom added to this text box.

Is there any way to have the text box and border height expand and contract depending on the amount of text added?

That is a pretty vague description. Do you have a sample .rp file you’ve worked on so far? That would help others understand just what you are trying to do here.

This is a quick demo of a rectangle widget with a 1px bottom border, and as it fills up with text, it grows and the border increases to 4px if more than one line long. It is pretty limited, because the thicker border is achieved by the selected state of the rectangle (text box). If you want the bottom border to keep growing in height, I would suggest “faking” the border by using a separate rectangle and just increasing its height. See Page 1 for an example.

ExpandingTextBox.rp (98.5 KB)

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!