Text insert-overwrite switching autonomously

I’ve been encountering an issue when entering text in Axure 9 whereby the editable area switches from inserting characters to overwriting them. I have to select the “Insert” key on my keyboard to reverse the switch. This is happening only in Axure.

I have:

  • enabled and disabled the Single Key Shortcuts preference setting
  • checked the Windows keyboard settings
  • reinstalled Axure

While not a major issue, it’s pretty frustrating to have to toggle the input mode every time I enter text. Any insight that addresses the issue would, consequently, be gratefully received. Axure_insert-overwrite_text_weirdness

Axure Team
Windows: 10 Enterprise, 10.0.19043 Build 19043
Machine: Lenovo MT 20QQ BU Think FM ThinkPad P53
Input: Perixx Periboard-612 wireless (2.4Gh) dual mode

I’ve never seen this in many years of using Axure (Axure and Win 10 currently.)

I recommend you send an email to support@axure.com with this info and attach a sample .rp file. They don’t monitor this forum for support (although support agents do sometimes post here.) I’ve found they respond pretty quickly to emails (which you can send from Axure via Help > Contact Support…