Text not showing on mouse enter

Hello All!

I’m struggling here to make the text visible when the mouse goes over a circle. I am able to have the text show up when it initially drops down, but for some reason it won’t show again when I put my mouse over the circle. Any ideas why?


nav bar.rp (98.1 KB)

Hi tamra9991!

It looks like the text isn’t showing after that initial show and hide interaction because the “plus” widget’s Click or Tap event is targeting the “text” group, rather than the individual widgets in the group. If the group for a widget is hidden, the group’s hidden state will keep its contents hidden, even if a widget in that group is set to show. To resolve this issue, you can make it so that your “text” group is shown by default, but the text widgets themselves are hidden on the page. Then, you can toggle the text widget’s individual visibilities as the “plus” widget is clicked and as the smaller shapes are moused over.

You can take a look at these changes in the edited file here: nav bar-edited.rp (98.3 KB)

I hope that helps!

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It works! Thank you so much!

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