Text styling issues

So I’ve done some stying using some of the new features. I’ve attached two screenshots, one of axure and the other of the preview. There is a lot of difference between the two. Can you clarify why there is such a difference?

Hmm it depends on many things. For further clarification: Is it standard or CSS included font ?
Do you actually have it on your system ? I suppose first is from browser and second one (with action indicator) is from Axure right?

It’s Arial Bold on Mac OS…

It looks like the bold isn’t rendering in the browser. I’m seeing Arial Bold render correctly in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on MacOS 10.13.6. Can you please advise the OS version and browser where you saw this, so we can try to reproduce the issue?

Mac OS 10.13.6
Chrome 69.0.3497.100

Thanks, I’m on the same and not able to repro still. I tried adding border, shadow, bullets, text link, paragraph spacing, padding to the widget to see if any of those would cause the font to stop working correctly in the browser, but that didn’t happen. It looks like the underlying issue must be something more specific, such as being related to widget styles, or legacy file conversion perhaps. Can you please post or send to support@axure.com the file where you’re seeing this, so that we can track it down?

Done. Thanks Rachel.

Hi Everyone,

This user wrote in to us at support@axure.com and it seems that checking the font’s configuration in Mac’s “Font Book” application may have helped. We recommended right-clicking the font in the list, and selecting “Validate Font”. Then right-clicking again, and selecting “Resolve Duplicates”. After this, we recommended going back into his .rp file, selecting the widget with the problem, and changing the style back to “Regular” and then back to “Bold” again. This seemed to fix the main problem of the font not rendering, however it seems now the negative spacing under the “Character” field is not working. We are pending a response from the user to see if changing the content in that field to “0” and then back to his original choice of “-0.5” has helped.